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Why Cures are Not Available

Dr. Joel Wallach identifies why Cures are not available.Dead doctors don't liw w Wallach

Dr. Joel Wallach author of Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie discovered there are cures for conditions and diseases but they aren’t available because traditional western medical establishment doesn’t want them, ( they are much more interested in treatments.)  We have a very powerful medical and pharmaceutical lobby that have their own interests.  Dr. Wallach illustrates why this is and what needs to happen to allow certain cures to become mainstream.


Why Cures are not available will be made abundantly clear as you listen to the many issues that Dr. Wallach discusses in the following video.

 Dr. Joel Wallach addresses Nutritional Deficiencies that can cause Illness, Premature Aging, and Premature Death. Dr. Wallach gives us many examples of what happens in the health industry that could be done more beneficially to keep the patient healthy.. Because of his background as a Veterinarian, he has many examples of what helped nutritionally in animals. In this video he discusses the risk of elevated cholesterol and the harmful effects of the drugs taken to lower cholesterol. He discusses Alzheimer’s and how this can be prevented. He discussed the incredible rise of Alzheimer’s. He also talks about weight gain and the munchies. These munchies are caused by mineral deficiencies. The food industry is very aware of how to create food so you can’t just eat one. Listen carefully as he discusses the war on cancer and what we can do to prevent problems for ourselves. This lecture is packed full of very valuable information.


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