Videos done by Dr. Joel Wallach  DVM, ND

Dr. Wallach  shares scientific essential knowledge about how our bodies work and what it needs to be in a state of health.  Dr. Joel Wallach Founder of Youngevity has taken the FDA to court on the need of our bodies to have EFA’s or Essential Fatty Acids and won.  He also won the right to say that Selenium is helpful in treating cancer, especially in Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer.  That was his second win with the FDA. His understanding of our need for  specific nutrients and how conditions can be reversed to have a healthy immune system  will astound you .

Please listen and learn for yourself how you can reverse conditions and become healthy again.  Dr. Wallach is an ND’s Naturopathic Doctor who will teach you things your MD an Allopathic Doctor does not know. Dr. Joel Wallach of the audio “Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie” has sold millions of copies to educate the public to fulfill his Mission of bringing health to the planet.

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