Biometics Product Results

Hear how the Biometics Products give a person results,  energy that is felt almost immediately and how they are improving a person’s health and their well-being.


June- MJUNE M., MI

June is excited she discovered Biometics because she has never felt so healthy and full of energy as she does now. June shares, “I’ve lost inches and went from a size 12 to a 4 without dieting. I love the huge increase in energy throughout the day.

She continues, “I’ve also noticed that previous sinus infections and PMS symptoms have vanished. My hair and nails seem to be stronger and I’m even sleeping better. The Biometics products are a simple and natural way to get your health back.”

June is a Biometics fan for life. She says, “Biometics has brought my body into a balance like nothing else ever has or could.


MarcDenise-EMARC & DENISE E., CA

Initially, we began Biometics for the energy and health benefits we experienced. I had recently experienced a debilitating injury and was hopeful that the Biometics products could help me regain energy and vitality. Soon, I was feeling much better! The results were nothing short of life-changing. My energy improved, pain diminished and allergy symptoms went away. I also lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for three years without dieting! My husband, Marc, also lost weight and experienced a new level of energy as well.

These amazing results allowed us to see the potential we had in sharing these great products with others. I have discovered that through Biometics I can help people reach their health and lifestyle goals while at the same time achieving ours. We have created a residual income that has allowed me to become a stay-at-home mom with a part-time Biometics business and has allowed our family to share more quality time together.

Biometics is helping us to make a difference in the world by offering people choices to create better health and a more abundant lifestyle. It does not get any better than this.


Lorraine & Michael PierreLorraine & Michel Pierre H., NY

Lorraine and Michel Pierre H. love their Biometics experience. Lorraine shares, “We have more energy than we’ve felt in years. We both sleep better, which doesn’t sound like much, but you will quickly understand what a difference it makes after you try the products.

Michel Pierre says, “I used to suffer with headaches in the evening and now, that is a thing of the past. I have greater mental clarity and focus which make me feel like I can accomplish more in my day.”

Lorraine continues, “Our six year old daughter and nine year old son have shown results with greater attention and focus in school which has helped them achieve higher grades. There is so much to love about these products that we share them with everyone.”



From a young age, I suffered from Endometriosis and Crohn’s Disease, a chronic disorder that causes inflammation of the digestive system.

All of my lymph nodes were swollen, I couldn’t digest any foods and I weighed about 70 pounds. I heard about Biometics, but did not want to try any supplements. I didn’t believe vitamins could help me. I was so wrong!


Cropped Barbara Williams 250 pixels 2008 4Barbara W.  CA

I was in so much pain that one day while driving home, I pulled over and cried, praying that something would help me through these diseases. The next day, I overheard someone talking about Biometics products again and because I was out of other options, I decided to try them.

After five days on the products, I felt better than I had in a year and a half! I no longer have symptoms from Endometriosis, tested negative on my last autoimmune disorder test, and have been cold and flu free for 3 years.

Not only has my health been restored, but also my confidence has been boosted to a whole new level! Biometics has given me a new lease on life!

Stress, Fatigue , Fuzzy headed, mental block & Depression

When I first started taking Biometics I was extremely depressed and fatigued to the extent that I had missed over 1 week of University course studies.

My neighbor brought me a drink 3 days in a row, tasted greatJ by day 3 I jumped and said I am ready to go to school now.

All of a sudden my depression was gone, my fuzzy headedness was gone, my stress was gone.

And OMG I was energized! I had energy!

My studies went well, energy without peaks and valleys.

Now I am drinking this “stuff” for 19 years!

Diabetes, energy, and mental clarity

 My husband Prem was an alcoholic, I think he killed a lot of brain cells.

He could not remember how to do simple math, multiplication and such.

He took the Biometics it gave him great energy, and decreased his desire for alcohol.

I walked in on him doing some homework and he was doing trig. That he learned 30 years prior and now he was able to recall it.

His diabetics balanced, it increased his sex drive, elevated his mood.

Now he has so much energy he is starting hobbies.

ADHD, bipolar, Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperactivity

 My daughter Rachael was 14 years old. She was a true Tazmanian Devil totally out of control and had been for 14 years. She started terrible twos at 1 and then it never stopped. She had oppositional defiant disorder.

Anyway, I will never forget her first day of compliance 15 minutes after she drank her first Biometics drink. Then her grades improved and she started making friends for the first time. She went from Ds and Fs to As and Bs.

Biometics helped to make some dramatic changes in our family.  I love what Biometics has done for us.

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