Why I Joined

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Why I joined Youngevity

Welcome to Mighty 90 for Life.

 In 1993 my journey began  into the realm of supplemental nutrition.

 Since my MS diagnosis in 1986 I was determined to discover how to reverse and also improve my overall health.

 When started drinking Biometics it gave me a life changing experience.  My energy skyrocketed from the Basic Nutritional Program. I went from sitting in a wheelchair to walking.

 Get-Go-N-Plus (powder with B vitamins & Tyrosine), gave me a mind awakening  and clarity experience along with an amazing focus!

Bio Fuel along with Aloe Plus  and Get-Go-N-Plus is my  morning drink ritual for more than 20 years. I am enthralled and enamored with my morning Biometics drink.

 No coffee for me!

 Most people feel energy in 20 minutes with just 1 Get-Go-N-Plus drink.

 I took the Cal Mag to sleep along with Bio Nite with Melatonin and slept like a baby.

 I fell in love with direct sales because of my love for the products and the results everyone experienced and subsequently also fell in love with network marketing because  my driving desire was to help people.

 I want people to feel great and create residual income that they can count on.

 As the years went on, I did some experimenting in network marketing, thinking I could make additional income elsewhere.

 Experimenting was fun for a while, but I never stopped taking Biometics!

 The checks kept coming in month after month for more than 2 decades!

 Consistently people just kept buying the Biometics brand of Youngevity.

 When Youngevity bought Biometics and I learned that Dr. Joel Wallach of Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie was the Founder of this company, I became super excited.

 The Youngevity products along with the Biometics products are the answer to helping people!!!  They feel more energetic! Adding trace minerals are key to solving a myriad of serious illnesses. Read more .

Youngevity has expanded their reach with other fantastic Products.

 Youngevity’s offers to you more than 1300 products.

 They go from Organic Nutrition,

Organic Coffee

Organic Foods

Natural Make up

Skin Products

Essential Oils

Pet Nutrition

Antibacterial Products

MK Jewelry & Clothing

The Heritage Foundation, which is a tremendous scrapbooking, card program.
I discovered that  in network marketing it was about helping people become healthier which is extremely rewarding.

 Helping people live more abundantly is my passion.

When you are ready ….

To feel better….

To get psyched up to live more abundantly…

To allow me to be your coach and guide…

Then I am here to lock arms with you to help you achieve the dreams that are burning inside you.

When you’re ready,  I say welcome aboard and welcome to the team!


 Johanna Baker

Youngevity Independent Business Owner


Hindsight is 20/20..

Would I have known what I know now….

Perhaps I would never have become ill!


Prevention is key to living a healthier and more abundant life…..

 Fighting a health issue after you have it is always more difficult….

 Foresight positions you to be proactive with diet, proper supplementation along with healthy exercise and movement!

These are key points to a life where you can pursue your dreams and be there for your family….

 Building teams of people who can help each other and thrive is so much fun.

 When I assist in the success of others it is my purpose to get up every day!!!!

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